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I watch ladies frying with oil much more than the soup in the sauce. The truth is that what is tasty for the toungue is most times dangerous to the bodies. It's more recommended to eat organic or boiled foods more than the fried ones.
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Absolutely true; what we eat matters a lot . what your eating is either fighting the diseases or feeding it. Most people eat to enjoy the teasts of the food and cares less about what they gain from that food. We should remember that medicine is done from foods and so if you don't eat food like medicine sometime you will eat medicine as food. Let's eat well fresh food not fast food. Fruits and vegetables are the natural medicine provided by God let's befriend it.
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Actually now days what we eat determines our healthy most of us we flied foods, flied vegetables, forgeting that ounce you fly anything to eat it has lost value you just eat to fill your stomach.
But our ancestors used to eat fresh food, vegetables, fruitd thats why they were not suffering from deseases because their immunity was strong.
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We should mind what we eat to be healthy.

When we are eating we should eat what the body wants but not what tastes sweet for us.when we eat organic foods they even act as medicine to our bodies and improves our imunity. So many people suffer from diseases because of poor deities they take. Imagine people taking confectioneries for meals. Our ancestors had a long life expectancy and never suffered from the diseases we suffer from these days, but think of the things they ate.

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