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Actually it's one of the thing that we need to correct before confusing all the generations. Even in Islam the religion I praise my God in , sabbath is Saturday not sunday. I think it was changed by the protestants because their main aim was to protest!
Sometimes I wish all the world try and find out one real religion the world world will be an amazing family to live.
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Sunday became Sabbath coz it was the day when the resurrection of was announced and the disciples gathered to worship God, since then it became a habit to most of the churches
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Saturday is Sabbath not sunday.

On our calenders sunday is the first day of the week . this makes Saturday the seventh day of the week.
This is proved by the Bible in the book of Mark 16.1 it says that sarturday evening when Sabbath ended Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Solome went and purchased burial spices so they could anoint Jesu's body.
My question is how did things change making sunday Sabbath?

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