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That's why people never interfere when lovebirds are fighting. Because the makeup is sweetest. With love,many things are possible. You fight for a while, then you celebrate the next minute. Love handles everything. And this applies to both men and women. Love weakens all hearts.
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I agree,
In fact true love identified on some few things what i believe if the porties Master the doos and donts the rest will be easiy each day counts you will be full of momemories.
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Wow; indeed true love never grows old .You fight but it never feds and it's the sweetest feeling on earth knowingthatsomeoneloves you the way you love him . As its said that " the harder the effort put in, the sweeter the victory teasts " .The more the true lovers faces challenges and obstacles , the more their love grows stronger. Its only fake love that can be destroyed in a second by anything big or small issues. May we all find our soulmates Ameen.
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True love is proved by so many obstacles.

True love is hard to find and so many prove to be lovers but without true love because something small can end their relationship.
In true love you can fight up to the extent of injuring one another but tomorrow you for get every thing and love blossoms as usual.
Your true lover can do something you cant tolerate when done by some one else but you look at it as nothing.

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