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The islamic dressing is good. I totally agree. However there are some ladies,young and old,who put in skimpy attires inside and when they have stepped out of their homes,they remove the hijab, and appear with a new look altogether. But be sure that God watches it all.
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Christians in early centuries used to dress decently. They're only a few these days who honor the house of God and dress well. Many people want to impress the congregation,the onlookers on the way or their spouses,but they don't mind about God's opinion of them. I get to think that such people are upto some mission in churches,but not worshipping. Seriously
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Actually when it comes to the dressi NG code ilove them so much really the outfis are good and i wish all government declare it out that we should wear like them you never know morals will come back to normal.
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God is the greatest ; thanks dear for that recommendation. Absolutely Wright and am not saying it because am a Moslem but it's the reality. Christmas believes that their bodies are temples of God but it really makes some of disappointed to see someone walking 1/3 dressed and you wonder what kind of God can sit in such a temple!!!!!!
You ask your self what she is showing and to whom she is showing it too ? You end up confused but not all Christians some of them respect them selves .May God make us among the righteous who do only for the sake of pleasing Him .Ameen.
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I like Moslems because they respect their dressing code.

Moslems respect their way of dressing and they can't enter a mosque basically ladies when they have not fully covered themselves and even if they are in public you can easily recorgonise them.
But we Christians we just put on any howly , it feels sad seeing a sister entering a church putting on a mini skirt without any shame. And no one cares . They say that jesus said that let them come the way they are, but its too much because some misbehaviours are intentional and dont make any influence to Christianity.

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