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It is sometimes a game of both the thieves and police officers in the cases of theft. So since the police is benefitting from the accuser and the thief, police can't give us the report because they are involved or they fear the thief might speak out. That's why you see when things are heating up,the prisoners misteriously die in the cell.
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The reason why it is endless the police him self is envolved in all incident thats why its endless and it will never end until God decides on what is suitable for Uganda.
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Indeed; Ugandan police have never come out with a clear report about any case even after an investigation of 10years! .This makes it clear that the police is being bribed not to provide the actual evidence simply because those crimes e.g murder are committed by the big people in the government. If it's the work of police to keep law and order , then uganda is not safe at all bribes are sweeter than someone's life it's so unfortunate. May God have mercy on our beloved pearl of Africa. They have made us hate our country and yet God gave it all of us freely . I wanna remained them that no one ad nothing is permanent on planet earth.
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Always the police makes investigations endless.

So many tragedies have occured in Uganda and these include marder and fire accidents. But when the police comes in they start investigations but they never came with a single report atleast out of one tragedy.
But if the police can't do this then who will for the sake of Ugandans who need justice.

How do you vote?

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