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Now days politics has lost value because people spend alot of time voting and at the end things run out of their favours because all politician when it time for contesting they sugar coart them selves after wining they forget everyone and they think of their families only.
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Some of us we vote not because that we going to be satisfied by the government they noly satisfy their own needs as you said most in my country I don't know others but in our country it's too much we need God to help
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Politics is full of liers who come and promise people heaven on earth but after getting in offices they only sustain themselves and those near them. Politicians disappoint alot.
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Indeed politics is a true blind load. They promise and never fulfills. They do evil things to the people who elected them forgetting that they can't rule a country without those people they mistreat. Some politicians goes beyond to the extent of deciding who to live and who to die after all they have both power and guns .they only satisfying their needs and neglect the local people. In fact politics is a dirty game.
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pollitics true happiness or a blind road

Many countries try or have tried to do things in democratic way and hence the leader is choosen by the people themselves . Is such a leader satisfying everyones desire,are they fullfilling all their promises? Or they are doing what pleases their stomacs,culture,tribe,religion,friends , famillies or social background,?

How do you vote?

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