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Discipline is key. With all the strength samson had,he never controlled the temptation to involve with delilah despite the instruction also not to take alcohol. So his ending was surely a pure misery
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Actually a d her we must be wise enough and analysitic beyond in situations that comes our way in that we choose wisely.
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Yes, many of these patriarchs are examples of faithful wisdom. When we apply these virtues we benefit in life.
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Yeah even we have a say, which says that be the right person, do the right thing in the right place at the right time. If you miss time you can miss everything if you're not careful.
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You might be Solomon in wisdom ..... .. .

You might be Solomon in wisdom
Abraham in Faith
David in Praise
Joshua in War . But if not Joseph in discipline you Will end up like Samson in misery.
So everything is good in it's time and you need it pass your tests

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