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I forcefully saved up for years in NSSF for many years but till now, there's no clear way for me to retrieve my savings. Too many delay tactics & excuses from the security fund office. I wonder what grade of scamming this is
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In this generation when people talk about scammers they think about these corn men but we have also indirect scammers where by you save your money with out earning any interest, no accountability, no emmergence on it and when you die it can be the end of it if you dont have wise people behind you.

I think the government should sipmlify in that system you save for twenty years they pay you do your stuff, and renew the saving system but its hard!.
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Indeed these are real scammers who needs to be avoided by all means.
You can't force someone t save and there is no way you can plan for an old person on how to spend his salary. This is why the wise men advise us to invest and stay away from these thieves. I can't forget when people were starving during Corona lockdown but this so called Nssf never showed up for any help .
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Forced savings called NSSF, who benefits?

Civil servants and company workers are forced to save part of their salary . And this saving is called National social security fund claiming that this fund will help workers in their old age. But we see people failing to get their money when they reach the right age. Some fall sick and die due to lack of money for their medication but they totally have no access to their money. If this saving is for the good of the worker why doesn't it help him in case of an emergency.
This money is invested in different projects but how do the savers benefit? Because this is their money. But it is bad to force some one to save and you wish them die before they get their money .

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