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Whether pastor or not, divorce is not the option. But couples need to work on all issues as may arise. Because no one is faultless out there and no one is an angel. Even twins have differences sometimes.
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Actually I won't say much about it because in my religion divorce is not prohibited due to some reasons like burreness among others but when it comes to a poster who reads the bible and regards it as a holy book it's not a good example to his followers.
Indeed how is he going to do the counseling to his followers. I think he shouldn't preach anymore because if his not blamed or punished other posters will do the same and hence increased divorces in the society.
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Does the pastor retain dignity when he divorces.

Our pastors are our spiritual role models ,they give us counseling in all our challenges. They use the bible to show us how we sin against GOD. But we see some of them divorcing their spouses after getting some misunderstandings and they forget that they make vows to stay together for better for worse.. Even in the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 10 jesus recommended us not to divorce and whoever divorces and marry another one that is adultery.
After divorcing, these pastors come to preach but ask your self. How will these pastors counsel their followers not to divorce yet for them they divorce whenever they want.
I think when a pastor divorces he should not preach again.

How do you vote?

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He does'nt, unless theres a strong point that can be aired out and everyone would say yes your right to divorce and there you diginity would be retained but if theres no reason what would remain will be faking life.
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If you ever want to enslave someone, tell them that Jesus said it. The fact is Jesus was talking about those who divorced their wives for frivolous reasons. In fact the reason why it really wasn't necessary to divorce is because a man could always get another wife anyway. This is proven in 1 Timothy 3: 1-2 where Paul told Timothy that if he wants to become an overseer in the church that he could only have "One Wife"Why would Paul tell him that if it were already customary for people to only have one wife. Because people back then often had more than one wife that they looked after and took care of. Which means anyone else who does not want to be an overseer could have more than one wife. The church and society (Western/European) assumed that meant that everyone who is a Christian had to be confined to one wife which is false. This is where the church enslaves people into customs and traditions that don't apply to God. Because of this lie, this is why we have so many single women
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