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As parents,it is important to first watch all movies before we leave it for the children. Some CDs may be labeled cartoon but with a vulgar content. Mistakes happen everywhere. Regardless of the child's age, please take precaution
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First and foremost we parent we must be vigilant on what adds an impact to our children's life, lets first play our role and when they reach their maturity and starts descovering what is good and bad for them they will claim for them.
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This is exactly right. When movie makers create the movies that sensationalize violence, they are often puzzled when there is a mass shooting. Or video games like grand theft auto, It's no wonder why people are attacking asians and others who are different from them. If we want a violence free society we need to stop glorifying violence.
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Indeed it's a parents responsibility to follow his children's growing and guiding them to whom they want them to become in the future.
Parents think that its romantic movies which is bad to their children and they forget the action movies .
I think there shouldn't be specific age for action movies because it doesn't add anything to our children well being.
If a good parent wants his child to learn how to defend him self he can take him to special trainings eg ; Judo , Karatee and others but watching action movies just expose them to violence.
We should not encouraged our children to watch action movies until they get their own homes . At a stage of marrying here they know what's good and bad.
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What is the right age for a child to watch action movies?

Most parents hide romantic movies from their young ones but they dont think of the action pact movies they watch at home as a family. When you let a child at an early age to watch people fighting and killing one another. What do you think comes in that child's mind? This is dangerous because when a child grows knowing that killing is normal and fighting is part of life, this affects us in the future.
The bad thing is that we dont guide these young stars that what they watch was just acted and how will they understand what you are telling them at such an early age.

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