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This May 1st was like a loss to the workers. You know we all like to enjoy staying home on public holidays but this one hit a Saturday. I wish it was on Friday so that we can stay home for a solid three weekend days. Ha ha
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Yes, May 1st is Workers' Day. If you have a job you're doing you must cherish your work and always put in your best in it for there is dignity in labour. To expect reward for your job,You should always work diligently and conscientiously.
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Workers are those only working in big offices the rest are slaves either direct or indirect that why the few are the one recognised.
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Indeed it's only those working in office mostly government workers. Us the self employed we are less concerned and not favored by that day in anyways. Some of us don't know even its purpose and its seen as any other normal day.
The government should try to include all workers put something special for all workers to prove that it's a real workers day otherwise per now its useless.
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1 may is workers day ,but who are the workers.

Yesterday it was worker's day, but did all the workers know their day or it is only for those working in offices. The national ceremony was at Entebbe state house but how is a gardener deep there in the villages being represented because it was like the workers known are those having offices and factory workers. I think on such a day its when workers from different sectors come together to share some knowledge and make plans of how to solve their problems and how to improve the working conditions.

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