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Sincerely speaking we are not one at all because people now days they care about them selves, they dont care when it comes to hurt any body, because worldly things are governing them.
Even if you try to be honest to one another, doing good to them loving them frunkly but for them it doesnt take a second to hurt you.
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Indeed : Actually there is no religion that encourages people to hurt each other but it's the pride and bossy attitude that makes us misbehave and hurt others. All religions encourages us to be one through loving and respecting each other . We can prove the presence of God among us through our behaviours. God loves us so that we can love each other in return.
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ARE WE REALLY ONE? : we have hurt the Body of Christ as a whole

The truth is, we sometimes misbehave towards others. We separate from a brother or sister, we hurt someone, we easily make others look bad. And we think, “It's just between God and me.” So we confess it to the Lord and we repent, then we go on our way, thinking that all is well. But we never give a thought to the fact that in doing so we not only hurt a brother, we also hurt the Lord. In fact, we have hurt the Body of Christ as a whole, because if one suffers, the whole body suffers.
This is the revelation given to us: “I belong to the Body of Christ! It is the same for my brother, my sister. We are all one because we are all connected to the head.
I send you the same message that Paul gave to those who worked with him: "Do nothing out of party spirit or vain glory, but humility make you look upon others as being above you. themselves. Let each of you, instead of considering your own interests, also consider those of others ”(Philippians 2: 3-4).
"I beseech [you] ... to be of one mind in the Lord" (Philippians 4: 2).

This is how Paul sums it all up. Here his mercy is fully expressed: "So dear [have] been to us" (1 Thessalonians 2: 8).
I ask you: are your brothers and sisters in Christ dear to you? When the life of the head flows through us, the members of His Body, we begin to not only love one another, but also love our enemies.

Lord, help us to be merciful as You were to us!

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