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Actually if the solution for that problem allow students take their phones at school the better.
Why would you let our children starve while there is a solution of the fact all international schools allow children to take phones at school and nothing happens why not other students!
Those who can manage to have phones should be given the Wright and it will be the teachers role to tell them when to have their phones and when to keep it off. If a child is disciplined a mire phone can't change him.
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Kids of this generation understand phones even better than the adults. But if they take phones to school it might distract their attention from studies. It may also cause competition,who is bringing the best phone,most expensive phone ...
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Actually where we are heading it is going to be part of the required needed by the student, but i dont know whether concetration will be their in class.

And teachers has to bare with the situation but there must be rules to follow when its time for learning.
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Will teachers allow students go with phones at school.

Most of our schools dont allow students to go with cell phones at school. But remember when we go cashless phones will be a basic need . Will schools change their rules and regulations so that students go with mobile phones in order to access their upkeep.

How do you vote?

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