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Indeed most of the music videos are so immoral and seductive and these has increased immorality in our society. Our children wants to dress up like those musicians and they follow them as their role models its really a disappointment. I wish those videos should be burned from televisions so that immorality can be demolished in the society.
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Some of those videos have really naked girls dancing so horribly,or vulgar if I may say. They dress so inappropriately for the eyes of our children. Oh I wish those videos could be banned.
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The bad thing is that government did not put laws to govern those insititutions because people are moving naked when the leaders are just supporting them, really this music and film industry need to have strick rules to follow but if not parents we have alot to do to our young ones.
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Phonographic music videos are really not good for children below 18. Parents and guardians must not expose their children to phonographic music videos. Parents and guardians should always control d kind of music their children are exposed to
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Especially Cardi B’s videos and all her music are full of indecent words that children are copying and using these days.
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Music videos are promoting immorality.

If you're to watch a music video you dont desire to watch it with your little ones or in-laws besides you. It's like as if without half naked ladies the video wont be enjoyed by the public. Or else if these girls don't expose their private parts their dances wont be perfect.
May be nudity is part of dancing .

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