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Ofcourse the parents must watch over their children while watching television and YouTube for guidance on what to watch and what not to watch. Most kids go a head and watch romantic movies which hinders their brain and hence getting spoiled at an early stage .
Parents should seriously take care because if a child is not guided at an early age it won't be possible at all.
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Some Children tell lies just to be out of homes to join bad groups of friends with whom they watch such videos. Immorality these days is on high rampage
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Actually it is very important to us parents to quide our children on tv's if we want to safe quard and control our young ones, most of the content shown really is not favour able to our children and the bad thing we live them with maids to whom we dont respect at all.
And what they have to do is to watch with them whether its of there age or not.
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Children below d age of 18 should be guided on d kind of videos they watch. They should not be allowed to watch any kind of videos. Parents and elderly ones should always be on d watch out to guide d children.
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Parental guidance is necessary for children who watch videos. This is to control what d children watch, to ensure that they don't watch bad sites. They should be guided by their parents and elderly ones.
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Parental Guidance is needed for children watching TV & YouTube's movies!

Yes , parental guidance is always a "must-do" for parents who have children 18 years and below . Their are a lot of movies & shows that are for adult's viewing only .
Movies that not good for viewing with the minors .

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