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Now wealthy has changed from having assets to crypto. Having yem makes more richer than the one having buildings or land.
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According to me Yem is the answer to my financial problems I have suffered more than enough. I feel like I found a park for poverty since I joined safe zone even when I haven't raised a lot Yem on my pernum wallet but I have hope.
I wanna use whatever opportunity I come across if it means increasing my Yem. May God bless us all with good health and wealth.
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How do you see yem to be in you side?

Many of us have have tokens and yem in our pernum wallet,
What did you have before you join safe zone.
People have buildings, have cars others land ,many has money..
But yem holders have crypto essent.
When you are really a safe zone
While you have yem be proud because your reach.
Now many companies have started joining yem foundation because they know the real meaning of yem.
My friend, how do you take yem to be starting yem is the answer.

How do you vote?

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