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Yo opino que asumo tenga estudio nunca es tarde para a prender y hoy en día ahí muchas oportunidades de aprender estamos en la era de la tecnología y ahí cosas muy fáciles para aprender
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Nowadays degree have nothing to do with successfulness of someone, once you do your things in right time and have hint most things especially technology, degree is nothing to worry about,
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Yes degrees do not matter now days it's only the sharp mind to think a bout a project that will be profitable and you get to be as successful as any body else who could have used his or her knowledge. You can see people in the networks are the ones making great amount of money than the ones in the offices currently .
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It's all about being updated like now many educated people with high studies still doesn't know and understand yem
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Yes it really doesn't matter but what matter is as long as you know who you r and doing the right thing in the right time.
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It doesnt matter weather you have a degree or not.

In the past degree holders were the successful people in life but currently things changed weather your educated or not as long as you have technology in the right time success is with you. So making research for new technological advancements is better than usual education.

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