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First of all to overcome failure you must be a hard working person and when getting to know that you failing something you supposed to go back and making research of where you was supposed to get and to do.
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1)It's true Satan uses failure to manipulate believers so we should take failure as a hamp in the road and not a stop. 2)Remember that God will be there for you in every kind of failure that you get in your life.
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How to overcome Failure

Humbly admit that you have failed. Look for the causes of failure. Confess your failure to God. Were you relying on your own strength? Were you not trying hard enough? Were you trying to do too many things (Rom 12:3)? Remember, Satan uses Failure to discourage the Christian. Peter failed badly but it was not the end. It was but the beginning of a very fruitful ministry. It can be the same for you too!

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