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I believe France will make it according to what they have been doing I the pitch,there determination will make them victorious
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With God everything is possible, so I believe that my team will win at this time round, accepting it or not
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France will win the euro 2020.

Due to the good squard, pogbas , mbappe, and griezemann plus the greats of the head coach and great determination of the players I think France will win these years euros.
Also the return of funs in the stadium will motivate the players more to make it to victory

How do you vote?

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France will not win it because France has a good squard remember one factor that the coach has been sidelining Bezima as their typical no.9 at the international level therefore it will be hard for him to fit in the squard which will cost france the title giving chance to Italy or Beligium who have consistent squard towards Euro competitions.
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To me I think Italy will win the Euro this time because it has a good team which is performing well.
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