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There a lot of problems people have faced during this lock down thing, one of them social gatherings, like for families and associates, poverty as movements were ristricted, stress as many have lost their jobs and loved ones, it has affected aviation companies also as they can't operate like they used to do,just to mention but a few.
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Lockdown has caused alot of problems in many families. Married couples nolong have enough sex due to the fact that everytime children are at home. So, no sex during day which may distablise marriage. Many school going chdren have become pregnant, expences have increased at home like electricity becuase eveerytim the TV is on which consumes aot of power.
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Of course it's true people are suffering after the speech recently given to the nation people's bussineses were closed like taxi drivers,bodaboda and other business
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Problems that people are facing during this lockdown

Conflicts among family members forexample father and mother
Lack of food to eat especially in vulnerable groups like orphans, poor people
Poverty among people because some people are not working were locked in there houses

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There's extra judicial crimes against Ugandans committed by the regime during lockdown. Though at individual level, we can't exclude family violence with it's associated effects.
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