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Uganda is facing challenges to fight the covid pandemic but it should be noted that the government released alot of money to fight covid but rhe money was misused by some officials who didnot look ahead to know what may come next.
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Yes uganda is one of the african countries dat are suffering financially and lacking materials like vehicles and vaccines
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Uganda is facing different challenges during covid-19 pandemic

Lack of access to covid-19 vaccines. Uganda is seeking for support from different foreigne countries like lndia,china, USA to give it vaccines but they are not responding to it
It lacks vehicles to transport health workers,sick people and vaccines ie ambulances and double cabins

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It's poor handling of covid 19 situation in Uganda .First of all how was the huge debts from IMF and World Bank plus donations from European Union and domestic donations from various enterprises of worth ugx 8 trillions being managed in the previous phase of 2020, Secondly is there any hospital fully equipped and lastly covid was used as cover up by the regime for it's agendas against Ugandans.
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