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According to me we have under utilized the tourism sector, the fact that we have many tourist attraction and other related resources, we have put less use into them yet they could actually rise the standards of the economy and it's currency.
Poor leadership in that particular sector should be checked too.
Once a ugandan comes up with a brilliant idea to support the sector, actually the govt turns against himor her.
But once a foreigner pops in, they Harry thinking of shorts cuts to fill their pockets.

Oh uganda my home country.
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Tourism would be a rich venture in Uganda though it's being retarded by the regime with it's poor handling of the industry. It can't be rich in a country where insecurity orchestrated by state organs , inaccessible roads and so forth. Thus it would be a profitable industry if there's government will .
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Tourism indeed is one of the leading money makers among government bodies but much of the money is not used as it is supposed to be used. Most officials in Tourism ministry misuse the money and leave the ministry without enough money to promote it. But i agree that tourism industry brings alot of benefits to our country Uganda.
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Tourism in uganda is one of the most rich project in the country

Tourism helps to offer foreigne exchange currency which is too expensive in the country
Tourism offers jobs to people of uganda to work as managers in camp,rangers, tour guides chefs,drivers, interpreters,among others
Tourism provides slot off taxes to the country which acts as revenue

How do you vote?

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