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In Uganda road accidents is very common compared to other east and central African countries due to reckless driving behaviors by Ugandan drivers and inadequate training of drivers
Most drivers in Uganda are driving under the influence of drugs such as alcohol.some drivers lacks proper training because most of them they don't go to driving institutions they just pay money and earn the driving licenses
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Even corruption, a traffic officer accepts a bribe from some one who is driving a vehicle which is in a very poor condition leaving other road users at risk.
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Those are some of the few causes of accidents in Uganda but the main cause of accidents are contributed by the government itself where by corruption of funds , construction of temporary road at a huge cost, absence of signal rights and other road signs plus one lane roads inthe names of highways.
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It is true that accidents are mostly caused by poor roads, overspeeding, alcholism and other drugs but there is also wreckless driving, lack of experince among drivers, grazing animals in roads, corruption, bad road users, No sign posts on many raods especially marram roads, and many other causes.
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Causes of accidents in the country like uganda

It is because of over spending by some drivers in uganda
There is also because of poor roads in the country
Drug abuse by some drivers as they use drugs like marijuana, nicotine
Taking alcohol while driving
Using vehicles that are in poor mechanical conditions

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