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It is true that problems facing business men and women are worldwide because like when one country is affected by fluctuation of difficulties in importing or exporting, it means that is going to affect all business people in the world.
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These days there seems to be more sellers than buyers, massive competition in the marketplace, these are sign of the time that has been prophesied about, we can only adhere to the system, it ain't going to get any better.
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We may add on corruption among business leaders who offer licences, poor political system which offers tax holidays to foreign investors neglecting indeginous Ugandans, havy taxation, poor roads to transport goods from industries to market centers, highway robbery,to many load blocks along the roads and general poverty in the country which has lft many customers lacking money to buy goods.
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Problems facing businessmen and women in the world

Price flactuation at the world market
Lack of loans to invest in their business
Competition on the world market from other business enterprises producing the same products
Lack of raw materials to produce high quality products

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Whoever think of starting a business, should be mindful of solving a pressing problem in a particular community or society and in this world, they're few problem solvers. If a business is an answer to the problem in a community, there's no need to worry about price fluctuations, shortage of raw materials, stiff competition and so forth.
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