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The difference between rich and poor is in many ways, one is the way they think, rich people always see opportunities during difficult times and they exploit it, rich people don't fear to risk, rich people always have a saving and investing culture, rich people always look for new ideas that always keep them in business.
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It's true all i have to advise the poor is to learn and adopt the way the rich behave and utilise their resources, they can also change their financial status.
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The deference between a rich and poor person

God created men when are the same. They have no difference because, they both born by a woman.
They all leave on earth.
They both have same time/season
This is what different between rich and poor, the rich uses their time well to produce what they have

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There is a very big difference between the rich and poor. The way the rich lives is far different from that of the poor. Much as all were created by God and born by woman but they live differently. The rich think and act immediately but the poor have to take alot of time to act due to lack of cash. The rich always get beautiful ladie but even if the poor gets a beautiful lady, the rich will automatically take her away.
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