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No matter hw hard life becomes you have to always keep moving coz you have to know why you set off for work and in other words challenges help us to learn different lessons in lyf that always keep us moving and stronger
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Life is 5% what happens to us and 95% how we interprete what happens to us. It's one's perception towards others.
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We can't let the world and problem get to our head, we have to be positive and live above our stress and depression.
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Choose to be the better person. Rise above it all!

Don't let the world make you bitter, hard and cold-hearted. No matter how bad things are, don't let whatever happens to you make you unkind and unfeeling. It's not okay to hurt or be mean to others. No matter how they treat you, choose to be the better person. Rise above it all!

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Sometimes we need to learn alot from the passed experiences. We have to always forgive but not forgetting. Bad talks cant deter us from doing good and right. Even if we are humiliated, we need to wake up and stand on our own. We have to not worry so much aven if we experience alot of challenges which is part of life.
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