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Never give up or quit because if you do it you become a looser. All good things take time to mature or to be ready and those that take short time are less valuable.
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Sometimes we pray to GOD and ask for our needs hoping for immediate miracles but we forget that HE knows everything, even before we ask of HIM. HE's knows the right time for everything.
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This so encouraging, Abraham waited and God's promise finally was fulfilled
Jews waited for the coming of messiah and he came and saved us from the power of sin and curses
So am not the seed of those who give up.
It shall come to pass.

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In life, winners don't quit and quitters don't win. There's nothing in this world that can take the place of persistent to the person who understands what's he/she is after.
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We are too patient only that sometimes we get worried of keeping waiting. But we are not so much worried and we will keep waiting until our dream come true amd for sure we will reach the shore.
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God is our strength in time of perils and despair, the road may be long and winding and the mountains look impossible to get over, but with our determination and perseverance we can overcome
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Don't say you're giving up because you're tried of waiting.

Don't say you're giving up because you're tried of waiting. How could you? Have you forgotten the God's promise? He won't burden you with that which you have no ability to bear. Trust Him. He's in full control and watching over you. Keep going; your breakthrough is in sight. You breakthrough is on the way!

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