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music, a demanding world, rich but full of cheap shots and false people

music is a universe filled with all evils. a rich sector but rife with hypocries. everything we meet with every kind of low blow, slander, all forms of attacks that exist. music can get you big notoriety in no time, and it can also knock you down in a fraction of a second. This is an area where you have to be able to keep up with the movement every time so as not to be in disarray with demand, business required. a demanding environment .....

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Music is good. It the food for mind. Music kills stress. Music help to enhance culture. It promotes unity and it is one of the ways of unifying all aspects of life. Music helps to pass on information from one person to another through a joyful mean. Music is not a sin.
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Where a child knows, that's where rain falls. Music industry in some countries like in Uganda is being destroyed by some artists who are after cheap rewards given to them by politicians at the expense of developing their industry. It's only in Uganda where copyright law is not preserved which makes those in Music industry not to benefit from their inventions. But that shouldn't be generalised because that industry has been beneficial to most artists in those countries where copyright law is preserved.
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