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It's true we have covered the biggest part of the lockdown. Actually it ends to day and we are waiting for the updates
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We are almost remaining with 16 days to end the lockdown of 42 days but how are we going back to normalcy. Many businesses closed down now to catch up will take alot of time. People who are working in the arcades will have to pay rent yet they have not been working for a month and ahalf. The government has to look into that problem which may affect tenants.
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It's true but the only advice I would give if I heard the opportunity to face the president I would tell him to let us be and advice people on how to stay with the disease because this won't end
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We have covered the biggest part of the lock down

It wasn't good news when we heard that we were locked down for forty two days but now at least we are seeing the last days . but we have to pray so that he does not extend it for another forty two days unless otherwise he will make us prisoners in our homes.

How do you vote?

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Don't be shocked when that lockdown is being extended first of all he announced the first phase of 42 days and after like 4 days, he came up with another 42 day implying that those are 84 days, secondly lockdown in Uganda is politically motivated and the commercialised due to budget deficit by the regime and they're covering themselves in covid 19 in order to receive some funds to enable them to run the government.
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