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Due to advancement in technology, it has eased the way of doing business online. The effect of Covid-19 has also promoted online businesses and it is the way forward. No turning back anymore.
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Technology has indeed gone further than we could imagine.
Forex trading has been simplified too and automated, daily trades 24/7
However even scammer are increasing rapidly.
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How to make money online world wide?

Trading Online in many sectors of products even crypto currencies is now easier to earn money online now a days. While it was difficult few decades ago.
Share trading, Forex Trading and Crypto Exchanges are the main platforms of making money online. In Share trading Companies come to trade their products share in the market.

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It is not easy to make money online because many upcoming companies steal peoples money.many have ran away with alot of money from people which has caused alot of difficulties to convince someone to join online businesses.In Uganda, very many companies have closed and disappeared from the platform after stealing peoples money.
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