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Billionaires were born differently, the only thing is they do their things differently, think differently, they work differently, and they always see luck in difficult times, they are always optimistic in difficult times, this makes them to make risks that in turn make them billions,
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Becoming a billionaire is a choice but not chance. If some one adopts principles, focus, commitment, good dreams one can become a billionaire.
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Thanks for enlightening and educating us.
This is great motivation, we r all humans taking in oxygen, what they did we can also make it and even better than that.
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Yaa really billionaire where not born different it's all about a choice someone make either to be rich or die poor.
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All humans we're the same , we were all born in the same way, all breath oxygen, all have the same 24 hours a day , 356or 366 days a year , 14 billion brain cells in each one's head and so forth but what makes other different from other people is the way they use whatever opportunities God presented to them , their perception of differing circumstances, the ambitions and desires to become extra ordinary. Thus billionaires does the same things average and poor people does.
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Billionaires weren't born differently

Even the well off we look at and we think that maybe were created differently or have special senses were born the way we were born. Some of them went to bad schools than ours. And some had a very poor background than you can imagine. But the fact is that they focus on what they want and leave the past behind them and prepare for their future. They think much on those things which take them forward other than regretting. And lastly they value their time more than anything else.

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Many people we see today who are well off come from wealthy families. Very few rich ones come from poor families. It means that, most of them are born and inherit thier fathers wealth which they just add on the one they make with thier own hands. If you come from a poor family and become rich, it is just luck but we were born differently from different families.
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