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It true if some one holds your every day money for some time that person can become a billionaire because of appreciation in value.
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We hope for a good future for us and our children.
We hope for a good future for us and our children
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It is true that we are going to make it in future but when is the future becones present???? I think YEM wasnt meant to be ours as Africans it was for whites. Up to now we are still waiting for the value to increase but not yet. Let us leep waiting.
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"Time will come and dogs will cry"
That proverb will soon have meaning.
Please members however much temptation you get please don't dare give up.
The future is already bright and secured.
Have hope and trust the system.
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It's true due to value of YEM which appreciates according to it's demand and it's limited supply and a strong economy within the and thus for whoever God blessed with a pernum with some yem and understands it's value, definitely has become a billionaire.
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For sure yem your everyday money is doing more harm than good really I don't understand how we r getting rich with out sweating.
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Your everyday money is away to be a billionaire .

Safezone is really good to us people who didn't have hope of how we gonna make it in future.
But now Yem has given safezone has given us an opportunity to be rich.
I prayed scores last year and collect 9500fyem and this year and Yem foundation blessed us with yem bet scores 2021 and I managed to collect 200fyem.
Oh My everyday money.
People pretend to be wise and dicide not to bet games are now regretting.
They will becoz they still dont understand the power of YEM.
My friend grab every opportunity so that you be with same yem before the value of yem increases.

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