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Better start now than waiting tomorrow, you may end up missing the available chance and end up regreting in future. Many people have to first think about an important issue they end up missing it. So better act now than than waiting.
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Procrastination is a mother that feeds failure and the best day when you something worthwhile to start is today with the right mindset, right people and in a right place. We tend to excuse ourselves from beginning or to start on our ideas with I don't have enough money, right people and so forth and forgetting that we live once .
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Wow is very very nice to say day but d future we desires is more more closer with us and not far far away from us but close wilding us all ,so is very very nice to us to start now and not tomorrow tanx
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The best day to start is today.

We make so many plans which are good but what makes us surrender we think that the best time is future. Some times we fail to implement because future never comes. It's far better to start small today because lost time is never regained.

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