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Of course but money also necessary of life duration. Without money there is no pleasure even one day. Money is earned by skills and necessary products can be bought with this money.
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There are very many people with a lot of money but not wealth for example in Uganda we have had and still have people splashing money to be known by the public and few who are wealthy. Becoming rich and wealthy takes time and various income generating activities through investments.
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Having money doesn't mean wealth.

It is easy to get money but very hard to maintain wealth. Every one has access to money but can't become rich because when people get money they spend it differently that's when some stay poor and others become rich. So spenders are losers and investers are the successors of richness.

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Having money means having wealth because it is money which they use to buy assets which are regarded as wealth. Money buy land, vehicles, buildings, motorcycles,and many others which are regarded as assets. That means that having money means wealth.
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