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Being an African country where it's very difficult to the incumbent president to lose an election except in few countries which have transformed their democracies. It's possibly for the incumbent Zambian president to be declared win as it was done in Uganda with a sham elections without providing any evidence. Zambia is among the most poorest countries in Africa with vast minerals resources which doesn't benefit fhd citizens other enriching those in power.
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If a candidate talk about youths in Africa is most likely to take over power because many Africans nowdays are youths. So if you tackle about their greivances, you most likely get many votes from youths.
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Edgar Lungu is likely to win Presidential Elections in Zambia in August, this year.

The current President is likely to win the forthcoming elections.
He has proved to be a man of action.
His works are evident.
His passion for Aquaculture, and Youth empowerment program, among others, are going to positively impact the nation going forward.

How do you vote?

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