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At least for you ,you have hope but for us in Uganda we don't know when will the schools be be opened.
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It is good to close schools so that the spread of covid is reduced. Life is better than anything in human beings. The only worry is that our pupils have not got enough education which would help them to pass well in the forthcoming UNEB exams.
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Zambian Primary And Secondary Schools to Reopen on 16th August, 2021.

The Ministry of Health, through the Information Permanent Secretary, informed the nation that Schools will remain closed until 16/08/21.
It is expected that the cases of Covid 19, will have gone down.
This is a welcome move. It'll help to contain the spreading of Covid. The safety measure is good for the learners.
Some people will argue though that pupils in Exam Classes will not be able to complete there Syllabuses and be ready for the exams. Whilst this is true,but life is much more worthy. To mitigate this situation, School Managements must come up with measures of ensuring that Pupils are assisted and prepared for exams.Pupils should also not relax during this long break...
I commend Government for this move.

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