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If becoming a mega wealth was all about being highly educated then all professors would the wealthiest people in the world.
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Who is the with world's most educated person

There are so many rankings of the best people in different sectors all around the globe. But i have never had of the world's most educated person. The billionaires we have no one talks about their education but instead they talk about those things which makes them wealthier. So education exposes us to the light which helps us plan on how to earn a living but education alone can't make us successful but slaves for those who are innovative.

How do you vote?

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Most educated would be the world emperor, but there is no one such person or soul whom people can trust.
This world is only for fighting and snatching while world emperor must become without fighting but winning of hearts of people.
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The most educated individual in the world is the proffesor the only thing is that we have as many proffesors as possible. We can rank assets but not knowledge. Wealthier people are ranked due to the assets they posses but no one can count knowledge thats why we dont have the most educated person in the world.
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