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It's true but the blame goes to the teachers who show students that passing exams o's more important to learning. Hence problems in the job sector after passing with good grades.
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It's true we always concentrate more about passing exams than learning that's why working experience is to get a job.
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I don't think that education is required when you want to run a business because many of the successful business people in Uganda they are not educated and we're actually illiterate and I don't think that we should limit entrepreneurship to educated and I think some times I think being over educated is actually not good for entrepreneurship because you know too much and you won't take risks.
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Education is not one way and it is not getting a degree or a diploma so when you look at some body who is over qualified he/ she can be detrimental to you running your operation and being able to leverage off people with skills that is actually where we are heading so you learn best from skills and experience.
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Absolutely Wright
We go to school for 20 plus years and we end up seeking for jobs can you imagine!
You can't do anything on your own and yet many years spent schooling useless topics.
The education system must be changed for a new extracting Uganda
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Even the educated people are not too rich because they only thing that education is the only thing which can assist them yet skills are the best we need for some one to be rich.
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It is good many people are being Left behind because of concentrating on only education in Uganda not knowing that learning skills is the better of all.
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This might simply be as a result of measuring the level of intelligence with exam results. So to avoid that emotional embarrassment with poor results, one puts much attention on passing exams irrespective of whether understood or not, usually cramming is the way to go.
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We concetrate much on passing exams against learning.

The bad thing with our education system in Uganda we concetrate on passing exams and we don't focus on learning the skills necessary for someone to suit in this generation. This has left us always to be followers of new innovations and we only produce labourers .

How do you vote?

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Not all people that they concentrate on exams than learning some do the opposite because learning is the best thing ever .if u learn and you put it in practice ,succession starts from there as you do the best things .

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It has been a deliberate government policy to destroy the education system in Uganda. Even though educators put on much emphasis on teaching students to learn and understand what they're studying, it's the government through it's ministry of education to design the curriculum to be followed. Due to their failure, We're still using the outdated curriculum designed by colonialists.
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Our ministry of education has a very big role to play in Uganda's education system. Nowdays many schools concertrate on making students pass but they leave very many core values to make a good future of our kids. But this has been built slowly by slowly by media houses which advertises schools which have done well in different results. This has created alot of competition among schools hence concertrating much more on passing exams.
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