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It is always good to try even if you fail you would have learnt such that you don't repeat the mistake.
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Fail means
Leaning. So if you fail today, try tomorrow you never know you may succeed. Many people fail to try but they end up failing completly. Such people leave in absolute poverty for fearing to try. They just look at the negative side of everything without considering the other positive side.
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Success is a one day event, it's a continuous process with a lot of challenges and whoever wants to become successful, he must be willing to continue with his journey without getting tired. Winners don't quit and quitters don't win.
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Success comes to those who don't get tired of trying , try and fail but never fail to try, keep goin

In life we all aim at success but it is us who ruine every thing to fail though failing is part of success too, for if u fail u stand again and do better if at all u believe in hope and not giving up, don't fail to try but keep on going
Success is fail and re-do

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