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It's true we should preserve God's principles because he is the almighty and whoever deviates from him becomes a failure.
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God is the almighty. Nothing can be impossible before him. So , he intervenes incase we need him. We always pray fo help from God and he helps us frequently. He forgives and always makes us pure again.
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Other creatures such as animals, reptiles, birds and plants knows God more than humans. They understands his laws or principles that governes the earth and it's humans that wants to test God with his principles and end up being destroyed. We can't force God to have mercy on us so longer as we disobey his principles. For example once one disobeys the principle of gravity, consequences are bound to be experienced.
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Our responsibility is to preserve the principles of Almighty God.

God won't intervene for the problems created by us . There's principles which governes the world and once we deviate from them , however much we ask for God's intervention nothing can save us. Therefore it's our responsibility to preserve God's principles that governes the world.

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