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The ministry must be planning for our children only that a detailed plan has not yet been unleashed. However our children need financial support from the ministry or government.
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What is the ministry of education planning for our children?

Whenever Uganda goes under a lock down the education sector is badly affected. This is the second year when our children are not accessing education but we don't see any alternative from the ministry. Imagine if Corvid takes five years our children will just stay just like that.

How do you vote?

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First of all we need to ask ourselves the meaning of education. It doesn't mean sitting in a lecture room and be feed with theories. True education is home based. To kill or destroy a society, one kills the education system, Family and role models. It's deliberately designed to kill the education system in Uganda especially for the poor Ugandans because the children of those in power are studying abroad and in international schools and thus it's our responsibility as Ugandans to demand what we deserve. We know whom we voted and it's our responsibility to liberate our country from the murderous regime with evil agendas.
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