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Patience is the only way to lead us to success, I agree
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It's true that patience is the only way to lead us to success because you will never invest and gain immediately. You have to wait for some time. You can't plant now and harvest tomorrow
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The road that leads to success is not straight, it's narrow rough. There's nothing worth doing that will never be challenged and it's those difficulties and Challenges we meet that enables us to succeed. Where there's no test, there won't be testimonies.
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Patience is the only way to lead us to success.

There is no successful business which hasn't gone through patience. I know people can provoke you and challenge you trying to distract you from your goals but all you have to do is ignore them , stay focused and be patient . Time is coming when the same people will be looking for you but you will be no where to their access because you will be at a different level far away from them.

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For many years, you have been telling us the same story to be patient but we have been patient up to now but still you tell us to be patient. When will you ever tell us to be impatient due to much delays? Many of our friends have passed away due to Covid and other related diseases missing to enjoy their patience.
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