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Yet bet si volverá, obvio que lo hará, ya que, es muy importante y con un gran nivel de seguidores alrededor de todo el mundo, espero que vuelva pronto con los partidos de la Gran premier leguea inglesa.
added by Anonymous 292 days ago 1    0

it will come back but i wish it comes back with premier league fixture because it has more matches to bet on
added by 1001223105 299 days ago 3    0

Yes it will come back but it depends on the tournaments they chose for us to bet. Just be patient you will bet very soon.
added by Anonymous 301 days ago 3    0

Yembet is still in existence but there's no games taking place and when there's new games to be played, they'll probably announce them in Wazub.
added by Anonymous 304 days ago 2    0

YEM bet is still there for the tournaments which di not have many games like champions league, we should wait for updates
added by 1001214601 305 days ago 3    0

Is Yem bet still there, or will it come again

Some people told me to go on yem bet that there are some fun games when I bet and my predictions comes right that I will get some free yems but I have spent almost three weeks checking there without seeing anything about yem bet. So my question comes will yem bet come again.

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