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True and the nations and teams or clubs at large lost money which they were to be making during those games as people were restricted from watching live games
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Forsure covid 19 has affected sports to the extent that many people who were employed in this sector lost their jobs and some even lost their lives
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La pandemia hoy en día ha afectado nuestra vida cotidiana, todas las actividades se han visto afectada, principalmente el deporte. El deporte se ha visto afectado de manera negativa, afectando los ingresos económicos, los patrocinadores y demás, el rendimiento deportivo, los altos costos para cumplir con los requisitos de bioseguridad, y muchas otras dependencias que dependen primordialmente del deporte, como lo es el marketing, la televisión, entre otras industrias. El covid 19, es una problemática que ha afectado fuertemente el deporte, evidenciándose en el fútbol donde muchos equipos no han tenido terribles deudas por la caída de la taquilla, derechos televisivos, patrocinadores y demás.
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Sport. Department has affected both financially and individual so could players to be fit .boredom to
funs as well.

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For sports teams to recover the best from this pandemic, I think they need to stop promoting facist, marxist, racist, and "woke" ideologies. As the saying goes, "Get woke, go broke." The vast majority of people on this planet love freedom and do not want to be lectured by sports players who get paid more than they will earn in their lifetime. So if sports want to survive, they need to smarten up.
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True but it's not the only sector affected mostly by the pandemic of covid 19 .covid 19 has affected the entire world sector but mostly the education sector especially in developing countries and the economy though sports was affected but it resumed with precious measures unlike other sectors.
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Yeah it's true sports have been affected by the covid pandemic where by the sports football clubs nolonger get their funs who provide money by buying tickets watch matches
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COVID 19 pandamic has affect sports activities

Sports today is one the source of finances to many people worldwide. many tornaments in different countries were suspended and people's earnings were scaled down. today some countries are just resurrecting fromwhere they were barried by the pandemic.

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