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Pour qu'Aresenal réussisse bien dans la nouvelle saison de Premier League anglaise 2021, il doit avoir un nouvel entraîneur qui peut se permettre de favoriser ses joueurs, principalement Ozil Mesut, qui s'est très bien comporté au cours des dernières saisons de Premier League anglaise. Et plus Aresenal doit améliorer la santé de ses joueurs tels que David Luiz.
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Arsenal should get more players who have good experience and better skills to enable it have better results in it's matches . Lacazatte can actually play better when used as a typical nine not in the wing side ..
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El arsenal en estos momentos debe concentrarse en comprar jugadores que tengan mayor trayectoria porque últimamente los jugadores que estan comprando son unos paquetes, además, debe cambiar el técnico que tiene por uno de mayor experiencia.
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En una liga tan competitiva como lo es la Premier League, el Arsenal necesita saber invertir el dinero que tiene, ya que, es uno de los equipos que más gastó en fichajes y no se ve reflejado en la cancha, debe invertir en jugadores con trayectoria ya consolidados para que impulse a los jóvenes del club. También debe cambiar el cuerpo técnico, ya que, los resultados no son los esperados y al paso que va, está peleando el descenso hoy en día. Un equipo histórico como lo es el Arsenal, no debe estar peleando descenso, debe pelear en lo alto de la tabla y comprar jugadores consolidados de alto nivel.
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arsenal needs new strategies because the still think its 2001 when they won with unbeaten run yet teams evolve all the time
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If arsenal gets a great coach such as Conte,henrique,and Rodgers. He would make a difference rather than bringing the academy coaches as if they are in enternaship
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What Aresenal must do to perform well in the English Premier League 2021

For Aresenal to perform well to perform well in the new season of 2021 English Premier League it must by a new coach who can afford to favour his players mostly Ozil Mesut who has happened to be performing very well in the last English Premier League seasons .And more of it Aresenal must improve on the health of it's players such as David Luiz .

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To me Arsenal's problem is not the coach, the coach they have is good enough to do everything they from their players so they need just some little organisation among themselves.
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Arsenal to perform well needs to buy new players who are having enough experience. Unlike the young players they always claim to have, they need to get experienced people into the club. The couch might be playing his part but due to inexperience players he has, they always do things as amatures. Thats why it will ever lag behind.
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