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since Uganda is is advancing in industrialisation. there is need for buy uganda build uganda. so more taxes are imposed on imported goods which makes it expensive for consumers hence no business
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Is Uganda's economy attractive for investment when businesses are closing and leaving the country?

Since 2012 to date, regional and multinationals businesses such as Barclays Bank, Etihad Airways, Pep stores, Game,Shoprite, Nakumatt,Gulf Air, Uchumi, Steers, British Airways, Shell, Nando's, Tuskys and telecom companies such as Orange and Africell all been leaving Uganda. Is Uganda's economy attractive for investments.

How do you vote?

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It's not attractive because we Ugandans we have failed to coupe up with the digital transformation be we take things differently,that is an indicator that we will wake up when it's too late.
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There's no attractive environment for investment in Uganda's economy due to state orchestrated instabilities with uniformed and non uniformed security operatives. Secondly insufficient power and water supply resulting with load shading which is not conducive for investment activities. Thirdly loss of value in Uganda's currency due to persistent inflationary tendency in the country attributed to trade imbalances and so forth hence leading to various businesses leaving Uganda's market.

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