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Jesucristo dijo amense los unos a los otros, ojalá no existiera la maldad en este mundo y todos se amaran.
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We all need friendship but some of friends really make us hate bring with friends,most of them they become friends with other ambitions from you,and Jesus emphasized us to love one another but most of them are after worldly things.
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Let friendship continue for ever

People let's be friends don't hate anyone because we are the same we are here in this world looking for what do that will help us to leave in this world because all of us this world is not our home we need to be friends because Jesus loves us and died for our sins it's by God's love. Let friendship continue for ever.

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It depends on the type of friendship we may have or create. There are some friends who betray us. Such people no need to be near to us. We need even to delete them into our lives. Friends who can not be there for us, cab't help us, but they just discourage us and talk ills against us are not worthy to be near us.

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