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Con que un YEM en pocos años llegue a 10.000 US me doy por bien servido, y si se pasa al bitcoin mucho mejor.
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Espero que algún día el YEM supere a Bitcoin, seria la mejor decisión de mi vida, o por lo menos que se acerque un 20% al bitcoin.
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Il ne faut pas confondre la valeur d'une cryptomonnaie et son prix. Ce sont 2 choses totalement differentes. Le YEM a une grande valeur.
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There's no collateral to for YEM to Bitcoin, it should have been YEM to Satosh and Rainbow currency to Bitcoin. Rainbow currency had already surpassed Bitcoin even at it's infancy stage in 2017 hence in value Rainbow currency leads the crypto world though it's not publicly stated which gives Bitcoin a chance as the popular crypto currency known publicly.
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I know yem will make it one day and lead the whole crypto world. This is justified by the way the rain bow currency has built its eco system. One day it will be the best.
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Of course yem will lead crypto currency because of its cyber security,and everyone in the system knows all the directors and it's very easy to consult but Bitcoin no one knows it's foundation or directors.
Therefore yem will take the lead in all.
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Will Yem lead Bitcoin, what do you think

According to me I don't think that YEM will lead Bitcoin because because per now the value of yem it's 9 USD and Bitcoin it's 50000 USD so do you think that YEM will leading digital currency in the world. Let's talk about it.

How do you vote?

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Non pas pour le moment car c'est toujours mal vu du faites que c'est pas possible de le retirer en fiat pourtant avec le bitcoin c'est possible de faire un retrait fiat sur les échangeur centralisé
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I don't think so because the way Yem is moving on the market cap it is very slow compared with the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a legendary coin which has stood all tests of time so it will be very difficult for YEM to surpass Bitcoin in value. It may take years and years if not never.
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