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We should always forward our challenges to God as we also take action. God is the King of kings who can't fail. Once he says yes no body can say no
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No hay nada más fuerte que la fe y la convicción en ti mismo, creer en ti es la herramienta más grande que tienes para lograr tus objetivos.
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Así es, estoy de acuerdo con el comentario, si tú te decides, nadie te va a detener, cree en ti y actúa, lo demás se dará.
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Very true, in this generation God is going to ashamed our enemies and start saying that we had played for you yet in actual sense they had done a lot to put you down because God's plan is always the best to us.

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When he says yes no one can say no.

When God says it can be no man can say no it can't. When God lifts you from the poor ,none of your enemies will put you back. They will do whatever possible to fight you but no one can take away what God has given you. So hand over all your problems to him.

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