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It is true that every thing is process by process. If you plant a tree you have to wait untill it's mature to gain from it. So every thing requires time. Let's endure and be patient.
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You can't plant a bean in the morning and expecting harvesting in the evening. There's a process for everything in life, even God would have created the earth in one day but it took him six days for his creation.
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Invertir en criptomonedas es un proceso que hay que tenerle paciencia para recoger los frutos, hay que ir paso a paso y esperar los resultados.
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De acuerdo, la vida es un proceso, ir paso a paso, no hay que desesperarce y debemos seguir trabajando y esperar las bendiciones.
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Actually this will help us learn how to invest in longterm protects or business because we had got used to look for daily food and we forgot that there's time when we are too old to look for servival. Patience will frow in us slowly by slowly.
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true everything needs time because it passes through processes. even man kind pass through processes so we need to be patient and processes move on.
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Everything is process by process

In this world everything we do is process by process don't think that if you start investing in crypto currencies that you will immediately get money never you have to wait for some time it's process by process.

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